Monday, December 31, 2007

Space Bugs!

I found time to make cards with the space bugs last night! My husband insists that these are truly "masculine cards." I kind of think that they are a bit boring. However, I'll take his word for it since he is the guy and we're talking about things that appeal to guys. The images on both of these cards are embossed on silver Stardream card stock from the Paper Zone. Then I used my Gelly Roll Glaze pens to color in different areas of the images. I love using the Glaze pens after I've embossed an image. For the stars in the sky, I used a medium sized Gelly Roll pen with silver glitter and made a bunch of tiny dots.
The card with Alvin the stick bug on it contains a bit of a "sneak peek," one I kind of had to cheat at to get on there. The "Launch Party" sentiment will be included in our next release of stamps, due out sometime toward the end of January. We'll also be featuring one more space bug image with a coordinating space bug sentiment. However, since we don't have our actual stamps back from the manufacturer yet, I cheated by adding the sentiment with my photo editor before I uploaded the picture of the card.

I'm uploading the pictures for these cards separately. I have yet to get a hang of the Blogger posting interface. Every time I try posting images within my text it messes up the page formatting and I end up with huge open spaces in my post.
Unfortunately, this is all I have time to write today. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.

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