Monday, December 31, 2007

Space Bug Photos

Space Bugs!

I found time to make cards with the space bugs last night! My husband insists that these are truly "masculine cards." I kind of think that they are a bit boring. However, I'll take his word for it since he is the guy and we're talking about things that appeal to guys. The images on both of these cards are embossed on silver Stardream card stock from the Paper Zone. Then I used my Gelly Roll Glaze pens to color in different areas of the images. I love using the Glaze pens after I've embossed an image. For the stars in the sky, I used a medium sized Gelly Roll pen with silver glitter and made a bunch of tiny dots.
The card with Alvin the stick bug on it contains a bit of a "sneak peek," one I kind of had to cheat at to get on there. The "Launch Party" sentiment will be included in our next release of stamps, due out sometime toward the end of January. We'll also be featuring one more space bug image with a coordinating space bug sentiment. However, since we don't have our actual stamps back from the manufacturer yet, I cheated by adding the sentiment with my photo editor before I uploaded the picture of the card.

I'm uploading the pictures for these cards separately. I have yet to get a hang of the Blogger posting interface. Every time I try posting images within my text it messes up the page formatting and I end up with huge open spaces in my post.
Unfortunately, this is all I have time to write today. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Barry Blonds

Ironically, since Carol and I decided to start this little stamp company, I've had much less time to actually do any stamping projects than I used to have. I only made 9 Christmas cards this year! That was last week and I made them because I was supposed to do a card making class. Luckily, I was in a Christmas card making frenzy at this time last year and I've still got plenty left over.
Well, I've finally found time to sit down and play some more with some of our stamps. I've been incredibly excited about stamping Barry ever since we decided that it would be an eccentric idea to make a stamp of a fly wearing a toupee. Well, here he is. My husband says that this card is "almost masculine." He says that it would definitely be a masculine card if I had used blue as the background instead of the Lovely Lilac Stampin' Up card stock that I used. I figured that the sanded background stamp, the eyelets and the white cord would cancel out the lilac paper, but I guess that I was delusional about that. I just hate to make a black and blue card though . . . it makes me think about bruises. Carol made a great point today that this stamp and sentiment could be used to make a "housewarming" card for someone. She's definitely right about that.
This the only card that I'm uploading to the Eccentric Imaginatrix but you can see my other recent creations in my SCS Gallery. I got one of the new clearly swanky sets from The Cat's Pajamas and it was fun to work with.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gingerbread Trailer Park

First of all, we know this isn't stamping related, but it is too good not to share.

We thought that we'd do something a little different this year and pick a theme for our gingerbread houses. At first we were thinking about doing castles and castles are a good idea, but then we came up with the idea of a gingerbread trailer park. A lot less architecture goes into building a gingerbread trailer than goes into building a gingerbread castle. Having lived in a trailer park a time or two, Carol and I feel qualified to both make gingerbread trailer houses and to poke a little fun at life at the trailer park. I, my husband and Carol each made a trailer. Carol's husband didn't decorate a gingerbread house of his own, but being a builder, he had lots of suggestions for what we could incorporate. I know that it isn't much of a trailer park with only three trailers. We're thinking that next year we could have a gingerbread trailer decorating party and invite people to bring their own trailers and decorate them. Anyway, here are some pictures of our creations.

The first picture is a picture of the fronts of our trailers situated all in a row like they would be at a trailer park. The trailer on the left is mine, the trailer in the center is Carol's, and the trailer on the right is my husband's. Carol and I decided that my husband's trailer would be the scary, rundown trailer at the back of the trailer park that children are afraid to walk by.

The next picture is an aerial view of the right side yards of the houses. Notice the incredible bay window that Carol created on her trailer. She had to use some of my daughter's Legos to support it long enough for the frosting to set. She also did an excellent job creating a satellite dish (made of gingerbread cooked on top of a ladle!). Satellite dishes are a must in trailer parks.
The third picture is an aerial view of the left side of the yards. I had to add the star, along with the swamp cooler, to my trailer at the last minute and I'm glad that I did. Carol was starting to tease me that my trailer was too neat and that the person who lived at my trailer was like the person who lived in our trailer park when we were kids whose lawn was immaculate. Not only was this person's lawn immaculate, when he took his poodle for a walk, he would let it go to the bathroom in all the yards but his own. This was before the days of the pooper scooper . . . not a nice thing to do.
The final picture is a picture of the our trailers' derrieres. Who doesn't want to look at pictures of a good backside?

Tomorrow I'll be back to the cardmaking talk. In an ideal world, I would spend tomorrow making cards and doing laundry (not that I love doing laundry, we just need some clean clothes). We'll see if that actually happens.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maiden Bloggage

My name is Molly and I have an evil twin sister. Her name is Carol and she is six years older than I am. We've opened a little stamping company called Eccentric Images Rubberstamps. You can find our store at We'd sure love it if you took a look, but we'll understand if you don't. The Eccentric Imaginatrix is the blog home for Eccentric Images Rubberstamps. If for some reason you just cannot get enough of our webstore, you can come here and from time to time we'll post tidbits related to our stamping endeavors.

This blog is a big step for us. You see, I'm a bit of an antisocial person. Carol is too. We've decided that for the most part, we want to keep our private lives private. However, we also realize that stampers like to see blogs. You love blogs. Blogs give you a connection to us. We, however, do not want to blog about ourselves, our families, or what we bought at the grocery store this afternoon. It's like I tell my husband, my day is so mundane that even I get bored thinking about it, so why bother sharing it with someone else?

Anyway, in the interest of providing you, our customers, with an informative and entertaining blog to read, we've created two alter-egos, our evil twins, if you will, who will blog about our stamps, our business, card making, and the paper crafting industry. We will always provide factual information about anything pertaining to these categories. However, whatever else our alter egos choose to write about themselves will be a mixture of truths, half-truths, and blatant lies, which will all be much more engaging to read about than my latest trip to Costco.

Thanks for stopping by.