Friday, January 25, 2008


I made this card for another one of those color challenges on SCS. This was for CC150-Real Soft Bayou. I wanted to make this card on Tuesday but then I got sucked in to working on the website updates for the new stamps. (BTW, the new stamps are here!) I liked the idea of using Real Red along with Bayou Blue and Soft Sky. I also decided to CASE myself and do a different colored version of my Bee Thankful card. I didn't really want to use a lot of red so I tried using a minimal amount hoping that it would pop out of the card, but not overtake it. I think that I succeeded at that. I decided to be a perfectionist tonight, which meant that I had to redo Beatrice. Being the space case that I am, I colored Beatrice's bonnet first and at that point I was going to make the bonnet all red. Of course, when I water-colored in her face, the red ink bled a little bit. At first I was just going to let it go . . . maybe edit it out before I posted it, but then I decided to do it right and try again. The second time around, I water-colored everything first and actually let it dry (gasp!) before coloring in just the bonnet's ribbon with a red marker. I had to walk away from my stamping table while the image was drying because the temptation to continue working on the card (and probably end up smudging it) was too great. Anyway, I'm happy about making this card, because although our Bee in Bonnet? sentiment is my favorite one, I hadn't yet used it on a card. You can see all of the technical details of this card (what stamps, paper, etc. I used) in my SCS post of this card.
So, I mentioned earlier that the stamps are here. They actually arrived yesterday but I was at Miss Moo's gymnastics class (Miss Moo=3yo DD#2) and the mailman couldn't leave them at the door because they required delivery confirmation. I had to wait until this morning to pick up the stamps from the post office. Carol came with me and we opened up the box right there and it was terribly thrilling looking at the new images. I was a bit giddy and had to hop up and down just a tiny bit. Can you tell I spend my day with bouncy daughters who cannot stand still for a microsecond? It rubs off on me even though it drives me crazy when they do it.
I thought ahead, so I had my Kai scissors in my purse and a pre-addressed envelope to AJ, and we cut out some stamps and mailed them to her immediately. With any luck, they'll get there tomorrow. They should. She only lives about 20 miles away.
When we got home, I went to work mounting one of each stamp onto wood blocks while Carol suffered through some laser printer installation trauma. I think that I got the better work load in this case, although I'm sure that we'll have to get it figured out soon. Anyway, the stamps are lovely and I'm going to have a grand time over the next several days making card samples for our website. The new images will be available for purchase as both unmounted and mounted stamps on February 1st. We'll also offer mounted versions of our existing images. If I get some time, I'll try and post a sneak peek or two in the upcoming days. For the most part, mum's the word though.
Hasta luego,

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