Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another space bug . . . and first post of 2008!

Below, meet Neil the first beetle to land on the moon. I love the way Carol drew the space suit with all of the joints in the legs for Neil's skinny limbs and how his antennae stick out of the helmet. I think that this image and any of our other space bug images would be great for "male" cards. As a mother of two girls, my first instinct is to "think pink" when it comes to buying stamps, but there have been plenty of times when I've needed a stamp for a card for a boy (my oldest daughter would rather hang out with boys than with girls--she went to an army tank-themed birthday party just last week). I have one rocket stamp that I've overused on cards for boys, so it is nice to have some new options in my stamping cupboard. Not only could I see using this stamp on a card for a little boy, I probably wouldn't hesitate to use it on a card for one of my teenage nephews as well.

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Kennen and Fred said...

I've been browsing. . . your stamps are way cute. Hope you and Carol are doing okay.