Wednesday, October 8, 2008

As Merry as a Cricket

Wow. I'm experiencing really bad "medicine head" today. I took some cough syrup with codeine in it last night and I don't think that it has worked its way out of my system yet. The world seems to be moving in slow motion and I am moving even slower. I apologize if my post today is scattered and disconnected. It's the medicine head's fault.
I made this card of Helen last week and it was incredibly fun to work on. You can see the recipe for this card in my SCS Gallery. I'm feeling so merry inside about making this card that I decided to put Helen and her accessory sentiments on sale for 30% off this month. No coupon code needed. Just shop until you drop.
Speaking of crickets on Vespas . . . I really do enjoy seeing people riding Vespas. Oblivianna and I see a woman on a pink Vespa zip by us most mornings while we are waiting for the bus to arrive. Also, when we were in St. Augustine, we saw one of the female park rangers from the fort there wearing a skort and riding a Vespa. Just the thought of a National Park Service employee scooting around on a Vespa made me giggle. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn't get my camera out quickly enough.
TTYL and Happy Stamping in the meantime.

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