Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Unwanted Extended Vacation

Who wouldn't want an extended vacation, you ask? Well, if the extended vacation is your child's summer vacation from school, I can think of thousands of parents here in Bellevue who could do without having their kids at home. Still. The school teachers in our fair city are on strike and school didn't start on Tuesday the 2nd as it was supposed to. It didn't start on Wednesday the 3rd either. As it is now, the school district website says that schools are closed until further notice! Ack! That's all I can say. I really do love Oblivianna and Miss Moo, but I was very much looking forward to having the days to myself beginning in September. I'm concerned. How long can this go on?
So, how are these days at home with my children any different from what we've been doing the entire summer? There is quite a difference actually. For one, the part time nanny that helps keep me sane during the summer months went back to college. I'm flying solo now. Second, we are traveled out. We have no where else exciting to go and nothing that we're dying to see. If my daughters have to take a car ride that is over twenty minutes, they start to worry that this is going to be another one of those long car rides and they start checking around for their portable DVD players and books to read. Third, the girls have spent way too much time together. They easily get on one another's nerves. They get bored with each other but then they need each other to keep entertained.
So, to keep myself entertained, I've been making cards. I try to ignore the high pitched banter between Polly Pocket and Barbie. I don't worry about what a giant mess the play room is. I just try to stay in my card making world and when that doesn't work, I lock myself in my office and play Spider Solitaire. Anyway, here's a card that I made with Barry. I wanted the card to have a sort of heavy English pub look to it, so that is why I used the dark greens, reds, and blues. I'm pleased with how the card came out. I had to make the tag twice, because my husband pointed out that bar fly should be two words and what I had looked like a newly created adverb, "barfly." Try using that in a sentence. It doesn't work well. As always, you can see the list of ingredients that went into making this card in my gallery on SplitCoastStampers.

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Morgan said...

polly pocket and barbie huh? too funny.
tried using barfly in a sentence,
i'm feeling barfly today? or he's totally barfly!? you have to pronounce fly as flee though, and speed over the l, almost make it silent...
:) hope everything gets back on schedule soon. and i'm still feeling horrible, just sure that you feel like i'm your most flaky cousin...