Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School Strike Day 7

Well, it's day 7 of the teacher strike here in Bellevue. The school board is holding a special meeting that parents can attend and express their views about the strike and any legal action that the district may be able to take. The PTSA sent out an e-mail recommending that all parents wear black shirts to identify themselves. Black shirts! Why not black arm bands and black veils! I feel as though I should show some sign of being in mourning for the loss of freedom I'm experiencing due to Oblivianna not being able to go to school. Seriously though . . . seven days of no school that we're going to have to make up at the end of the school year . . . with no resolution in sight. At this rate, Oblivianna will still be going to school on the Fourth of July! One funny thing is that Oblivianna keeps telling people that she is on strike, instead of the teacher's being on strike. It's pretty hilarious.

Okay, that's enough of my rant completely unrelated to card making and stamping except that trying to keep Oblivianna from getting too bored and fighting with Miss Moo too much has taken up stamping time. Here's my card for the day. The color scheme for this card was inspired by Miss Moo's snuggly blanket from Target. For the full recipe for this card, look in my SCS Gallery. The two main ingredients that "tickle my fancy" on this one are the Twinkling h2os that I used to paint the wings and the crown and the Hero Arts gem that I placed on her crown. Who doesn't love a little shimmer and bling on their cards? I'll admit that I got a little carried away with the scoring and polka dot placement, but I think that it gives the card some texture.

That's all for today, folks. Happy stamping.

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