Monday, February 11, 2008

Stink Bugs!

I made this card yesterday evening and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Let me start by saying that I love claw-footed bathtubs. You know how some people have little decorating motifs throughout their houses, such as roosters, pigs, or a certain kind of flower. Well, one of my motifs is claw-footed bathtubs. (The other one is piggy banks.) I have art prints of claw-footed bathtubs in my office. I have a mini replica of one on my desk that I use as a candy dish. Maybe someday I will have an actual claw-footed bathtub somewhere in my house. I'd need a much bigger bathroom than the one I currently have for that to happen though. It only follows that this stamp of two stink bugs taking a bath is has a special place in my heart. It is also one of the original images from the table the Carol and I decorated for my daughter Oblivianna. Anyway, I chose to use the polka dot SEI dp as my background because it sort of reminded me of wallpaper you might find in a bathroom and I tried making my sentiment tag have the look of a framed sentiment that someone might have in their house. Not "Home Sweet Home," but maybe "Stinkin' Sweet Stink." Of course, the little flourishes I added are crooked. It seems that my stamping aim is bad even when I'm using clear stamps on a clear block. Unless I use a Stamp-a-ma-Jig, things are always a little off. I used some liquid applique to make some 3D bubbles floating in the water. My 3.75 year-old daughter, Miss Moo, was especially excited about the fluffy bubbles in the water when she saw this card on my desk this morning. Since I am not the scrapbooking type, I generally don't think of uses for our stamps in that sense, but I think that this stamp would be great on one of those pages with a picture of a young child in the bathtub. You know you've got those pictures. I even have them of Oblivianna and Miss Moo. . . I just haven't scrapped them. If you've got a slightly off center sense of humor like I do, and don't mind referring to your children as stink bugs, you can even use the companion sentiment on the page as well.
That's it for the blog today. I only got to make one Helen card this weekend so I'll probably try making more. The stink bug card and the Helen card that I did manage to make are both posted in our Eccentric Images Rubberstamp Chat Gallery, where you can see a bigger picture of the card and all of the "ingredients" I used in making the card.

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jason said...

wew. . I saw a stink bugs in my bathroom they are so disgusting.