Friday, August 1, 2008

Seeing Spots

Okay, so I promised Oblivianna and Miss Moo that we could redecorate their rooms this summer and they finally hounded me into actually doing it. Miss Moo wanted a 101 Dalmatian themed room, or a "spotty-dog room," as she calls it. This is about the only paper-crafting I've done the entire summer due to travels, home improvement projects, and my #1MIL's death. (This really hasn't been the best summer.) Anyway, I found good use for the myriad of circle punches I own. (I think I've got everything from 1/8" up to 2" in 1/8" increments.) Luckily, Miss Moo already had white furniture, so we punched out tons of black circles in various sizes and glued them to the furniture. I made the blanket on her bed out of a white duvet that I had, some stencils, and some fabric paint. Miss Moo's room used to be purple, so the butter yellow on the walls is a refreshing, and brightening change. The great thing about this "spotty-dog" room is that I accomplished the dalmatian theme without actually using any dalmatians at all! For someone like me who doesn't like her house and children to be Disney's own personal billboard, this was an ideal way to decorate the room. Also, the spots are completely removable so that when Miss Moo tires of spotty dogs (probably somewhere around the age eight), we can pull the spots off, clean up the glue and have nice white furniture again.
In spite of all my personal issues getting in the way of my hobby and business, I have made one card, a Queens Rock card that I'll post later when I can find a flat surface on which to set up my light box and camera.

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Erin said...

I'm impressed Molly. Very cute! Although the first thing I thought of was a cow only because you call Amelia "moo" and then at first glance I saw you did the paint a "buttery" color:). Moo, butter, black and white spots all spelled cow to me but dalmation makes more sense with the shape of the spots.