Monday, April 7, 2008


Yes, I've been missing for the last month or so. I injured my arm last month--dislocated my elbow and shattered the head of my raidius. A week after the injury, I had to have surgery to piece the radial head back together. Lucky me. Now I have two metal plates and a bunch of pins in my elbow. Going through security at the airport will be a blast now. For about the last month, I've been in a cast and sling. However, last week, I got my cast removed and now I'm doing physical therapy so that I can gain back the mobility in my arm.
Anyhow, card making has been impossible. Typing one-handed was slow and ineffecient. I'm back now. I haven't made a card yet. It will probably take some more PT before I can manage that. However, I do have one card to post that I made prior to all of this arm drama. I'll post it later today (I have a PT appointment soon). I just wanted to make a quick note that in "honor" of my elbow injury, we're giving 15% off all sentiment stamps at our webstore. Be sure to check it out.

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